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ceo/coo questions
Do you believe that Knowledge and Foreknowledge about the world around you otherwise known as Business Intelligence is critical to good strategy and competitive success?

Are you completely confident that your organization is providing you with intelligence required to make sound decisions?
> Do the decisions you face seem excessively risky?
> Does your intelligence reflect thinking from outside your organization?
> Do internal advocates control the intelligence flow?
> What do you do to guard against biased input?

Are you satisfied that you have an adequate warning process in place?
> Do you worry about being blindsided?
> Have you suffered a significant surprise?
> Do you receive warnings in time to strategically respond?

Are you aware of any intelligence operations being run against you?
> Do you posess information that would be of value to competitors?
> Do you know what they know about you? And how they got it?

Who is responsible for intelligence and counterintelligence in your firm?
> Does this person have direct access to you?
> Is this person able to tell you what you need to know or are they inclined to tell you what they think you want to hear?

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