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Intelligence Collection
Gain vital information about the competitive, political, economic and technical issues that impact your company.
case study: Discovery of a competitor's Asian expansion plan provided valuable input into a client's capital investment strategy.
Analytical Assessment
  Use to investigate the strategic intent of competitors and individuals to give you a distinct market advantage.
case study: Understanding a competitor's manufacturing process and its impact on costs provided this client with the evidence needed to invest in new technology.
Personality Profiling
  Helps gain insights into the behavioral and decision-making styles of individuals... essential during critical negotiations of new acquisitions and alliance planning.
case study: During an acquisition, understanding the personalities of key employees provided the acquiring firm with insight into the deal's structure, giving them an upper hand.
Warning Processes
  Establishing an effective warning system substantially reduces the possibility of surprise from a broad spectrum of external influences.
case study: Discovery of the competition's progress in new drug trials provided valuable lead-time for a counter-marketing strategy by a competitive manufacturer.
  Protecting your company's proprietary information is vital. We can conduct a countercompetitive analysis aimed at reducing the loss of proprietary information.
case study: Developing a full understanding of special interest groups allowed our client to implement more effective security measures.
Business Intelligence System Design
  We can install the necessary processes and procedures for developing a world-class internal intelligence function for your company...
> Identify executive intelligence requirements.
> Assessing organizational capability.
> Designing a practical intelligence process.
> Consulting support for intelligence projects.
Think about the key decisions you must make in the next 6 to 18 months. What factors will drive those decisions? Who else must make the decision with you? What is your time frame? Are your decisions based on assumptions or verifiable fact? What unseen forces may affect you decisions? The need for intelligence has never been greater in American business. Not information, not assumptions, but clean, incisive, actionable intelligence.  

the decision is yours.

You can trust William E. DeGenaro to provide penetrating intelligence upon which to make decisions.

Your company's future depends on it.

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