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Business Intelligence Planning Service

Don't know how to start? Call us and give us your intelligence requirements and we will write a complete intelligence plan for you…a do it yourself approach. We will provide a step by step process including how to frame your requirements, generate a collection plan, how to search the public domain as well how to work with primary (human) sources. We can also provide a warnings process template for those on-going monitoring problems. Any trade shows in the near future? We can show how to work a trade show or technical conference like the pros do it. And if you are concerned about the loss of proprietary information we can provide an information security approach. We will include in the package a few hours of telephone consulting time to further assist you.

Business Intelligence Specialist Personal Coaching Program

New to the job? Let us be your personal trainer. Learn from William E. (Bill) DeGenaro the secrets of Business Intelligence success and how to succeed in a corporate environment. Bring a real intelligence requirement with you and prepare to spend 3 days in Sarasota, FL. in basic intelligence theory and practice, one on one…then we start the practical training. Prepare to spend a day with our public domain information searchers then move on to shadow our trade show intelligence expert on a real assignment. We will then schedule you in a Centre for Operational Business Intelligence class to learn government intelligence officers skills for work in the human source domain.

These hands on experiences will take place over a 3-4 month period with telephone counseling in between training experiences and you will be operating at a level equal to the leading professionals in the field.

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