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opportunity and threat
Most companies attend national trade shows and industry meetings for one reason: to generate sales. According to a national survey, nearly 60% of respondents regard sales from trade show leads as the most important objectives. Outside research garnered only 10% support as being an important objective.

Trade shows represent a substantial financial investment to most marketing budgets. Major companies exhibit in as many as 32 shows per year (at an average annual budget of $250-500K). The more benefit that can be derived from these substantial trade show investments, the better.

A Critical Concentration of Intelligence
The most valuable reason to attend a national industry meeting is frequently overlooked. It is a "target rich environment" in which those people most critical to your company's future are gathered.

Gathering intelligence from competitive literature and anecdotal information is like reading yesterday's newspaper. It's already too late.

Who attends national trade shows?
> Competitors
> Your suppliers
> Your competitor's suppliers
> Industry analysts
> Financial analysts
> Editors

In short, the trade show presents an impressive collection of industry influences, those with the most intimate knowledge and most vested interest in the information that drives the industry.

What Can Trade Show Intelligence Reveal About Your Competitors?
  There is an array of information you can discover in the open forum of a national gathering.
Plans & Intentions: new products
new technologies
new alliances
marketing initiatives
Changes: pricing
customer groups
Knowledge is power. It can enhance decisions, provide warning, and objectively confirm intuition. If you possessed this information, how would if affect your decisions in the next 12 months?
A Silent Threat
  Of equal importance to collecting critical information is guarding against a counter attack. In the open forum of a national meeting, you are especially vulnerable. From a casual conversation on the exhibit floor to a chance encounter in a hospitality suite, your company is exposed to those seeking to uncover your plans and strategies. Are your personnel trained against such attack? How will you know if your security has been breached? Once known, can you turn it into an advantage?
What are the Benefits of Trade Show Intelligence?
> Trade shows are a unique collection of venues: exhibit floor, hospitality suites allowing intelligence to be gathered from a variety of sources.
> Intelligence gathered professionally increases the "warning interval" from competitors' intentions to actions.
> It's more cost-effective to collect information from multiple sources in a concentrated event than one by one.
> Gathering intelligence at the show itself allows "real time" validation of fact vs. opinion, truth vs. rumor.
Why Trade Show Intelligence?
  While national meetings and trade shows are a major expense category in your company's marketing budget, its real potential in terms of net value to the company's future is virtually untapped. You can capitalize on the opportunities to collect, monitor, and analyze critical information. Trade Show Intelligence offers a systematic process of highly ethical data collection during the course of the meeting or event. We will train your personnel and develop a plan to meet your predetermined intelligence objectives.
Capture the Knowledge
  Learn more about the powerful tool that Trade Show Intelligence offers your company. Call today for more information.


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